Hello November!

Hello November!

Every year you seem to creep up on me by surprise. Just when I’m starting to appreciate the changing colours of leaves, the need to wear a scarf or light jacket outside, and the autumnal addition of cinnamon in my morning porridge, you come along with your darker days and colder nights and remind me just how quickly time moves. I’m not ready to close my curtains at 4:30pm, November. It’s not fair!

However, despite you signalling the end of my favourite season and the beginning of my least favourite, I must admit you do have your merits. Bonfire night, for example, is excellent. I hear that down in the Sussex town of Lewes they are planning to burn a giant effigy of David Cameron and a pig, so that should be fun. November also means Thanksgiving, and although my J1 visa has long expired, I still plan on getting into the American spirit by attempting to make pumpkin pie from a can bought on Amazon over a year ago, and drunkenly telling my housemates how grateful I am for their Netflix passwords. If you take out the turkey-murdering and politically-charged historical inaccuracies, it’s actually a pretty good holiday.

I’ve also planned ahead, November, and have some exciting adventures and trips coming up this month to ward off any gloominess caused by lack of Vitamin D. It would be too easy to spend all winter in a duvet fort marathon-ing Gilmore Girls and crying about how pretty Stars Hollow looks in the snow compared to Norwich, so I’m putting myself out there, and going to Edinburgh for a few days. I’ll also be heading back to Hogwarts to check out the Christmas decorations a month early, and may squeeze in a couple of countryside jaunts around Norfolk and Suffolk too.

November, I know I’ve been cruel to you in the past, possibly referring to you as a ‘filler month’ between Halloween and Christmas, but I think this year we are going to get on swell. The calendar is flipped over, the statement winter coat has been bought (Topshop, leopard print), the Christmas lights are out of the cupboard. You bring the rain, I’ll bring the box sets. Let’s do this.


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